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Groupal Classes. Privates Classes. Workshops.



Since 2003, Clarisa gives stable courses and dancing Work-Shops for all levels. Using always personal methodology and her own choreographies, she always complements the classes with technical exercises, singing and generic concepts of each kind of rhytm.


Her classes are characterized by a great dedication and great adaptability to each group, focusing always in the idea that the priority is the improvement of each student.



Flamenco Guitar Classes can be focused on Accompanyment Guitar or Solist Guitar.


Always accompanied with some technique exercises, every style can be learned: Solea, Bulerías, Tangos, Alegrias, etc.



In Singing classes 4 principal elements will be learned: Diferents Singing Styles (palos), Flamenco Vocal Technique, Pronunciation and Rythm (Compás).


These Classes are recommended not only for singers, will be very usefull for dancers and guitarists.

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