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Regular Classes
Room Rental
Intensive Workshops

Regular Dance, Singing and Guitar Classes.

Shows / Events

All around the world, we organise Dance, Theory, Singing and Guitar Intensive Workshops.

Soon we open our space in Seville...

We organise all kind of flamenco events, Tablao Performances or Theatre Shows.

Trianilla propose a different way to approach to this Andalusian art. Our teaching focuses flamenco in all disciplines: singing, dancing and guitar, and this is our way of truth - the only way to know and understand the language of flamenco.


Based in Seville, we organise international workshops with 1st class artists and teachers, touring all over the world.
The knowledge acquired in the various classes complement each other and what differentiates Trianilla other sites where you can learn to dance or play guitar without delving into the codes of flamenco.Also you can learn with us wherever you are by Internet.


There are classes for all levels, from your very 1st flamenco class to the most advanced.

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