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Flamenco Apps for Android & Apple

In Trianilla we have developed a revolutionary App's series that will help you continue learning and enjoying flamenco.

Available at Google Play and Apple Store our 2 firsts releases:
Flamenco Compas  and  Flamenco Alegrias.

Flamenco Compas offers excellent sound quality, with more than 200 live recorded rhythms, with true flamenco flavor. No digital cold sound or samples.

Alegrías, Bulerías, Fandangos, Jaleos, Seguiriya, Soleá, Tangos, Tientos, Rumba, Sevillanas, Tanguillo, Zapateado. You will find 3 different sections for main Styles: Loops, Metronome and "Visual". 

"Loops" section are profesional sound recordings, where you will find palmas, cajón, tinaja, tambourine, muted guitar, and many more, at differents speeds and variations. 

"Metronome" section are recorded palmas, playing basic compas at many differents speeds.

"Visual" section is a grapich digital metronome where you can also see the compas progression, ideal for begginers. This sections use samples records, not live recordings. (RAM memory requirements are high for using "Visual" correctly at high speeds).

Also you will find a Palmas Metronome in "Extras", with differents accents at differents speeds.


100% users compliance, and 5 star ratings on both Google Play and Apple Store.

Very easy to use, it's 100% intuitive, no complicated options or annoying configurations: just Flamenco Compas.

Flamenco Compás

All the rhythms of flamenco in a single application. Easy to use. Excelent sound.

Flamenco Alegrías

Our revolutionary Flamenco Alegrías application inaugurates a new era in flamenco studying, teaching and rehearsing.

The most traditional dancing, singing and playing from Cádiz, arrives in a new format, designed for professionals, amateurs and flamenco students from all over the world.

Palmas, Cante, Guitarra and traditional Dances "a la carte" structures, just with the touch of a few buttons. All made with excellent sound quality from professional studio, recorded in Seville by renowned flamenco artists.

Choose between 3 different speeds (slow, medium, fast), 4 traditional cantes por Alegrías, 3 cantes por Bulería de Cádiz, silence, falseta, escobilla, llamada, etc. Flamenco Alegrías is 100% intuitive, with no strange options or useless configurations.

If you are a guitarist, you can learn or practice singing accompaniment without the sound of the guitar. If you study cante, you can use our KARAOKE function, and sing with the sound of the guitar accompanying you. If you are a dancer, build your own dance structure. Palmeros, Guitarrist and Singer at your service 24 hours a day !!

With amazing Cristina Rodríguez de Tovar singing, 1st prize for Seguiriya at the International Festival of Cante de las Minas de La Union, 1st prize XIII Young Flamenco Contest of the Province of Seville; 1st prize of Young Flamencos in Peña Lepanto.

Try Our DEMO Online for FREE.

Revolutionary application with Cante, Guitar and Rhytm. 100% customizable.

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