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Skype Classes

If you have a good Internet Conection, we can do Classes as if we were in the same room. It's perfect for singing and guitar classes. No matter if you are in Russia, Australia or USA.

Wherever you are.

Since 2013, we offer guitar, dancing and singing classes via internet.
Choose the method that best suits you according to your schedule / needs, and pay with your credit card through PayPal or via Bank Account. Contact us by em@il.

We arranged an appointment, get connected and that's it!!


After we received your deposit, we send you the download link vía email !!

Private Lesson via Download

You choose what do you want to learn, we record a specific video for your level, slow and detailed, showing how to do it and how to learnit it. After a couple of days you can download your video and see it as many times as you want.

If you take regular lessons, you can send us  your videos so we can help you improving your knowledge.


Great Artists invited !!

Método Integral de Flamenco

Soon Online...

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